WHITE ZOMBIE (AAA) Flower Hybrid


THC 23%

Available Weights



If you’ve been suffering from a creative block, you’ve found a heck of a strain to help you get through it. White Zombie is a stress relieving hybrid strain that is rumoured to be a descendant of Zombie OG, however many believe that its creator just loved Rob Zombie and it has no ties to the White or Zombie family. With no breeders on record to ask, this one is likely to stay a mystery. What is not a mystery, however, is this strain’s potency. With THC levels coming in at a low of 15%, users can expect an enjoyable and long-lasting high. These forest green, spade-shaped nugs give off a sweet and woody aroma and are covered in fiery orange hairs and milky white trichomes. The flavour profile is sweet, nutty, and buttery, and paired with the sticky resin layer on each nug, it is reminiscent of pancakes and syrup at a cozy cabin in the woods.